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All you need to know is that I'm a total nerd and I work in publishing. The rest you'll find out soon enough. 

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Finally!  The first day of this year's writing retreat is here! Whee! 

The Orphan Master's Son - Adam Johnson
"The key to fighting in the dark was no different: you had to perceive your opponent, sense him, and never use your imagination. The darkness inside your head is something your imagination fills with stories that have nothing to do with the real darkness around you."

BEA: It's like playing Jenga in reverse.

The Yellow Birds: A Novel - Kevin Powers
"While we slept, the war rubbed its thousand ribs against the ground in prayer. When we pressed onward through exhaustion, its eyes were white and open in the dark. While we ate, the war fasted, fed by its own deprivation. It made love and gave birth and spread through fire. "

Sounds about right: the Writer's Dilemma. (stolen from @JYoungJuH)

When I can't decide whether to read that book I'm enjoying or write on a shiny new idea.